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Humane Education

Humane Education 

Our programs are centered in a systemic wholistic approach and we promote equality in these areas:

  • Social justice issues- by using of the strength perspective model we encourage growth and development in each person in order for them to realize the democratic ideals of freedom, equality, non-discrimination and respect for the rights of all

  • Animal welfare issues- by teaching compassion and empathy for all living beings and respect for their habitats.

  • Environmental issues - by the awareness and teaching of our human obligation to respect natural cycles of the earth for our own sake and for health of other species

Win Win Solutions-

We strive try create win win situations for all involved because we believe...

  • Humans are creative and have the power to solve their problems

  • The right resources in the right hands can improve lives

  • Everyone has skills and abilities to make others smile

Compassion First

 Building alternative systems through compassionate and mindful action because we know...

  • Our Country was built on inequality which is still present in our current systems

  • Everyone is fighting a hard battle that others can't see

  • We all want to be accepted and heard

Honor Community

Empowering individuals to improve our society because we know

  • There is strength in Diversity

  • Connection is a human need

  • Culture shapes our lives, goals, careers, and daily actions

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