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We are currently seeking board member and volunteers.


Who are we looking for? 

  • Energetic, passionate animal welfare-driven individuals with a desire to be part of an innovative team

  • Community leaders and philanthropists who are willing to educate and engage with their constituents in regards to animal welfare, particularly that within the meat processing industry

  • Human rights and/or employment attorneys or legal advocates who can educate and advocate for clients . 

  • Leaders and direct-care staff at our partner agencies: public health resources, mental health clinics, employment centers, housing assistance

  • Bilingual (English and Spanish) translators and interpreters in order to better serve minority clients who are seeking new employment

  • Scholars/academics who want to share their expertise on employee treatment in the meat processing industry, repercussions of the work environment, general operations and management style towards clients, or any additional relevant data

  • Social media management services

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Graphic design and web design; site management


What should you expect?

  • Attend 12 board meetings annually 

  • Actively serve on one of our committees: promotions and events, social media and marketing, advocacy and outreach, legislative affairs, outreach and partnerships, grants

  • Advocate for our needs in the community and among your peers

  • Show initiative to learn more about animal welfare and to take progressive action

  • Make an annual contribution to BNL, to the best of your ability


If interested in applying,  please submit a letter of interest to


Please specify if you are bilingual or multi-lingual, and would like to provide translation services for our clients. Currently, there is high demand for Spanish-speaking volunteers.


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