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Rope Course in Summer Camp


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Brave New Life Project supports workers to transition out of the animal agriculture industry and into careers that are more empowering, sustainable and prosperous.



We know that transitions can happen with a few challenges. We are offering FREE one-on-one job coaching with resume help, interview preparation, job seeking, and more.             
We also connect you with community supports such as housing, food assistance, transportation, and mental and behavioral healthcare. 
Every person deserves the opportunity to actively shape their future.

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Our Values

  • Humane Education-  our programs promote compassion and respect related to animal welfare, environmental, and social justice issues

  • Win Win Solutions- We strive try create win win situations for all involved

  • Compassion First- Building alternative systems through compassionate and mindful action

  • Honor Community- Empowering individuals to improve our society 

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BNLP is a community based project, committed to supporting transitioning workers from industrial animal ag & breeding jobs into careers that are more humane, sustainable and prosperous. One way we achieve this is through sustainable agriculture opportunities.



Simple Living, Connection with Nature and Animals, Doing Good Things for Your Neighbor and Providing for Your Family.

We Love That Too!

Together We Can Build It Sustainably. 

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