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Employment Services: What You Need to Know

Walking down a new path doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. Brave New Life Project (BNLP) is an evidenced-based supported program that provides a holistic approach for vocational services, in which workers within the meat processing industry can obtain meaningful, diverse, competitive employment within their communities. If that is you and you're curious what our free services look like please keep reading.

Key component of Brave New Life Employment Program:

zero exclusion

Anyone within the animal agriculture industry who has a desire to work, is eligible for job preparation and training services, translation assistance, integration with mental health and behavioral services, and any other applicable wrap-around supports. The core employment approach of BNLP has been adapted from the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Model, which has created more positive competitive employment outcomes compared to other supportive employment models, for clients in a variety of contexts.

The IPS model has shown proven success with many populations, most notably in the mental health field. Evidence has overwhelmingly shown that allowing a client to have access to all variations of support (not just employment assistance) allows for a higher employment rate, as well as a longer retention rate. BNLP would be applying the 8 IPS principles in working to attain alternative employment for animal agriculture workers.

Why Do We Want to Help Animal Agriculture Workers?

As recently as 2018, the average salary of a slaughterhouse worker was just $28,450 - for a family of four. As many of us in Colorado know, affordable housing is getting harder and harder to find. An all too common reality for many workers, is also lacking access to adequate healthcare, even though meat packing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Sadly this industry is also known to hire undocumented workers who reported to make less, are exploited, and treated more inhumanely due to their vulnerable status.

Workers also endure long hours and endure constantly increasing quotas with the increase of line speeds. Sadly they are also poorly represented by their employers and their own unions, and often suffer from PTSD. Many live in pain and in poverty, and feel discontentment within the meat processing industry. Therapy and resolution assistance are not common supports that employees have access to. This environment creates fear of retribution, potential deportation, and can cause workers to avoid seeking a new work opportunities due to an overall lack of support and uncertainty.

How Do We Help?

For each client, a BNLP assistant will support each job seeker through the following phases of employment: intake; engagement; assessment; job placement; job coaching; and follow-along supports. Long-term supports will also be provided if needed. We have a systemized workflow and client tracking metrics to ensure client needs are being addressed.

We are currently serving Colorado workers at this time. Contact us today to jump start your career and get the supports you need to make a smooth transition. Call us at 720-541 8854 or email us at . We look forward to meeting you!

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